West Fork of Oak Creek
Authors: Edward Gilbert, Max Licher
Citation: Gilbert, E. E. 2002. Flora and Vegetation of the West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon, Coconino County, Arizona. M.S. thesis. Arizona State University, Tempe.

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Families: 91
Genera: 334
Species: 580
Total Taxa (details): 583

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previous sighting (Jean Searle); M. Licher 1153 [ASC]
rare, rock crevices of lower slopes; Edward Gilbert 263 [ASU]
rare, previous sighting (Max Licher); upper canyon; M. Licher 650 [ASU]
infrequent, lower riparian
previous sighting (Jean Searle)
occasional, growing on Ponderosa; Edward Gilbert 531 [ASU]
frequent, riparian, canyon floor; Edward Gilbert 723 [ASU]
previous sighting (Jean Searle)
Call of the Canyon & just within canyon mouth; Edward Gilbert 945 [ASU]
previous sighting (Jean Searle)
rare, previous sighting (Max Licher); lower slopes
infrequent, previous sighting (Max Licher)
Call of the Canyon only